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How to transcode channel to multibitrate

Multibitrate video contains several tracks of various quality in one stream. This is required so that one could select (automatically or manually) video quality on the client device depending on the quality of the connection. Learn more about transcoding on the Transcoder page.

To make several tracks from the source one, set up the transcoder on the Transcoder tab in the profile of the stream created above. Just click Add Video Track and set the parameters for the new track. For a detailed description of the parameters, see here.

Flussonic transcoder

How to check that new tracks are added

You can check the tracks that are available for output on the Overview tab in stream settings. If you have configured the transcoder correctly, you will see two video tracks (v1 and v2) in the Output media info section next to the Player, and the tracks will be available for selection in the Player itself.