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WebRTC playback

You can play any stream via WebRTC including streams published by WHIP as described in WebRTC Publishing or any other stream configured on your Flussonic server. You can use our embed.html player for the playback, or any player with WebRTC support, or your own application.

The playback is carried out via the WHEP standard. For more details about WebRTC, WHIP and WHEP, see Using WebRTC protocol.

URLs for playback via WebRTC

To play the stream, use our embed.html player opening the following URL in the browser:



  • FLUSSONIC-IP is an IP address of your Flussonic server
  • STREAM_NAME is the name of your WebRTC stream

You can also use another player that supports WebRTC or develop your own application; in that case use the following URL:


See Streaming API reference.

The code must be run on the client side that plays video from that URL. Learn more at Recommendations on developing the client application.

Load balancing with WHEP playback

Since WHEP is based on HTTP POST requests, you can use our load balancer to distribute play requests between servers in a cluster. The balancer will redirect POST requests to servers in the cluster using the 307 HTTP redirect code.

Adaptive streaming

In order to adjust the bitrate of the played stream to the bandwidth of the user's channel, you can configure adaptive streaming, i.e. playback with adaptive bitrate (ABR). This way, each of your users will be able to receive a video of the highest possible quality at their channel capabilities.