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DekTec SDI ingest

Flussonic Media Server can:

Capturing video from DekTec SDI card

To capture video from DekTec SDI card, configure the stream with the dektec://serial_number:port source.

To specify the source via the web-interface, go to Media > click the stream name > on the Input tab enter the source in the New URL field > click Save.

DekTec SDI

You can also configure the stream via the configuration file, for example:

stream example {
  input dektec://2174220025:2;

Capturing audio from DekTec SDI card

Flussonic Media Server captures both PCM and AC-3 (Dolby Digital) audio from DekTec SDI cards. The first two audio tracks must be PCM. If the next two audio tracks are AC-3 audio, then it will be captured too.

No additional settings required for that.