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Digital Video Recording (DVR)

With Flussonic Media Server, you can record video streams and work with video archives. We call this functionality DVR (digital video recording).

You can use the following archive-related functionality:

  • Real time recording and viewing IP cameras without limitations on the archive size
  • Recording and postponed viewing of TV channels without limitations on the archive size
  • Maintaining the archive depth (for example, 1 week)
  • Broadcasting HLS, MPEG-TS, RTSP, RTMP, DASH
  • Broadcasting in the timeshift mode (for example, video can be shifted for an hour back)
  • Export of video to MP4 files
  • Recording video to an enterprise storage or to a cloud storage such as Amazon S3
  • Work with the Flussonic's application-level disk array that provides high reliability and accessibility of the archive.

Advantages of DVR in Flussonic

Video archiving in Flussonic Media Server has a number of features that distinguish it from competitors:

  • No limitation on archive size: you can store months or even years of video
  • Access to an archive as if it was an endless video tape
  • Thumbnails are part of an archive (this allows a fast preview of individual thumbnails without rewinding)
  • Built-in restreaming and replication of archives (for a group of Flussonic Media Servers)
  • Good speed of reading and recording, reduced disk I/O when recording.
  • SSD caching.