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Flussonic Media Server 20.10 can work with AJA SDI cards.

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Ingesting from AJA SDI cards

To ingest video and audio directly from AJA, configure the stream with aja://0 source. If an AJA SDI card has multiple output channels, specify the number of the channel to ingest video from in the channel parameter.

stream example_stream {
  input aja://0 channel=2;

The device ID that goes after aja:// can be 1- or 2-digit integer.

Output to AJA SDI

Flussonic Media Server can output video to AJA cards. To configure that, set the parameter push aja://:

stream test {
  input udp://;
  push aja://0 format=1080p_2500;

Flussonic decodes a stream and passes it to the specified device or slot on the card itself (for example, 0). The device ID can be 1- or 2-digit integer.

The obligatory option format determines the video mode of the stream that Flussonic will transmit to the SDI card. The second digit determines the frame rate (fps) according to the standard adopted in the USA and some other countries (for example, 5994 means 59.94).

The following widely used modes are supported:

  • format_1080i_5000
  • format_1080i_5994
  • format_1080i_6000
  • format_720p_5994
  • format_720p_6000
  • format_1080p_2997
  • format_1080p_3000
  • format_1080p_2500
  • format_1080p_2398
  • format_720p_5000
  • format_720p_2398
  • format_720p_2500
  • format_525_5994
  • format_625_5000
  • format_525_2398

Less common formats are also supported, but they are not listed here.