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PlayReady DRM

Flussonic supports PlayReady DRM for the Microsoft Smooth Streaming protocol.

To set up the PlayReady DRM protection for a stream or for files in a VOD location, add the drm parameter as follows:

stream example_stream {
  input fake://fake;
  drm playready keyseed=KEYSEED;
vod vod_files {
  path priv;
  drm playready keyseed=KEYSEED;


  • keyseed (required) - an arbitrary Base64-encoded string of 30 bytes. It is necessary for PlayReady to create an encryption key.

Find the latest list of settings for PlayReady DRM in the Flussonic API reference by selecting playready in the drop-down list of vendors.

You can generate keyseed by executing this command in Linux:

dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1 count=30 | base64

For testing a stream on the PlayReady test server, use keyseed=test.