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drmnow! DRM

Flussonic is integrated with drmnow! multi-drm system, which works with main license suppliers (Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Huawei) and supports several DRM-systems (FairPlay, Widevine, PlayReady, WisePlay). The main advantage of drmnow! multi-drm is an opportunity to work with diverse devices and browsers. Find more information here.

Flussonic integration with drmnow! multi-drm uses speke (cpix) protocol. To configure a stream to work with this system, add the drm cpix parameter as follows:

stream test {
  input udp://;
  resource_id MYSTREAM;
  protocols dash hls mss;
  drm cpix keyserver=https://[project][token];


Find the latest list of settings for drmnow! DRM in the Flussonic API reference by selecting cpix in the drop-down list of vendors.

To play video, use the following license servers:

  • Widevine license server: https://[project]
  • Playready license server: https://[project]
  • Fairplay license server: https://[project]
  • Wiseplay license server: https://[project]
  • *.der file for Fairplay: