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Processing audio from IP Cameras

Processing audio from IP cameras

Most IP cameras support only PCMA/PCMU audio codecs (also known as G.711a and G.711u).

Flussonic can store this PCMA/PCMU audio in the archive and transmit it over RTMP that supports this codec. Due to the infeasibility of transmitting such audio over other protocols such as HLS or storing it in MP4 for a playback, client simply will not hear the sound as these codecs are not supported by HLS or MP4.

Therefore, in order to make the audio available for playback to all client's devices and players, enable transcoding of the audio received from an IP camera.

To do so, first install the flussonic-transcoder package:

apt-get install -y flussonic-transcoder

Then enable sound transcoding for your stream from the camera as follows:

stream camera1 {
 input rtsp://localhost:554/origin output_audio=aac;

This way Flussonic will transcode the audio track to AAC codec, so it will be possible to send it to all of your clients over any protocols without the loss of a sound.