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DekTec ASI ingest

ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface) is a method of carrying an MPEG Transport Stream (MPEG-TS) with a constant rate at or less than 270 Mbit/s, depending on the application.

It is used in the satellite and cable broadcasting.

Flussonic Media Server supports DekTec cards to capture ASI streams as described below or push ASI stream.

Capturing ASI with the help of DekTec in Flussonic

To capture ASI signal with the help of DekTec card, configure card properties in dvb_card and then create a stream with the mpts-dvb:// URL:

dvb_card asi {
  hw dektec_asi;
  serial 2174220026;
  port 1;
stream asi_1 {
  input mpts-dvb://asi?program=1020;


  • hw dektec_asi refers to dektec_asi module to capture the stream
  • serial is a serial number of the capture card
  • port is a port number.

You can view a list of DekTec devices connected to your system with the help of Dektec DtInfoCL utility, that you can download from the Dektec website.