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Flussonic Media Server can recognize DVB subtitles, read teletext and closed captions in MPEG-TS or SDI input and pass them in the format WebVTT for HLS and TTML for DASH.

For DASH, the output subtitles formats are WebVTT and TTML, for HLS — WebVTT only.

Flussonic also passes the TTML subtitles in MSS streams — output MSS streams will have subtitles in the TTML format if the input stream has them.

SCTE-27 subtitles are passed through Flussonic without changes. Additional settings are not required for this. If there were SCTE-27 subtitles in the input stream, then the track with them will also be present in the output MPEG-TS stream.

Flussonic can also send teletext with streams pushed to an SDI card.

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