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IPTV Plugin

Flussonic Media Server has an IPTV plugin that is actually a simple build-in IPTV Panel. It is a kind of middleware with user management and channel permissions. You can create per-user playlists and use players like Kodi to get access to them. IPTV Plugin is suitable for large and small services: delivering channels to many users or sharing them to friends and partners. It also can be used as an authorization backend.

Flussonic Media Server stores the database in a static JSON file on a disk that is overwritten on each update.

IPTV plugin can be managed and configured via Flussonic Media Server user interface or via Flussonic API.

On this page:

Enabling IPTV plugin

To enable IPTV plugin, go to the IPTV tab and click Enable IPTV. You will see the IPTV page with two tabs:

  • Users – managing users. See Managing users for details.
  • Packages – managing packages, i.e. lists of channels available to users. See Managing packages for details.

Managing packages

Package is a set of streams (channels), that are provided together to a user as a single billing item. Packages are managed on the Packages tab of the IPTV page.

To create a package, click the plus icon to the left of the Users tab, enter the package name, select the channels available in this package, and click Save.

IPTV create package

The page displays the list of all packages. Here you can:

  • edit a package name
  • add or delete channels for a package
  • delete a package
  • filter packages by name

All these operations can be also performed via Flussonic API. See API reference.

IPTV packages

Managing users

User is an IPTV subscriber that has access to one or more packages. Users are managed on the Users tab of the IPTV page.

To create a user, click the plus icon to the left of the Users tab, enter its name, specify maximal number of sessions (concurrent connections), and select available packages from the list of previously configured packages. Then click Save. Flussonic Media Server will create a user and automatically generate a token for the user authorization. You can edit this token later.

IPTV create user

The bottom part of the page displays the list of all users. Here you can:

  • edit a user’s name, token, or maximal number of sessions
  • add or delete packages for a user
  • delete a user
  • filter users by name
  • generate an MPEG-TS or HLS playlist for a user. See Generating a playlist.

All these operations can be also performed via Flussonic API. See API reference.

IPTV users

Generating a playlist

You can get an m3u playlist for an existing user for HLS or HTTP MPEG-TS playback.

To get a playlist, click HLS or MPEG-TS next to the corresponding user.

The downloaded playlist will contain the following channel tags:

  • tvg-id – EPG ID of the channel. It is the channel name.
  • group-title – the group of the channel. To assign a channel to a group, add the meta group directive in the corresponding stream’s configuration:
stream channel01 {
  input fake://fake;
  meta group "Sports";

Playlist example

Let’s say User1 has access to the Mypackage1 package. This package contains the channels channel01, channel02, and channel05. The channel01 belongs to the "Sports" group and the channel channel02 belongs to the "Nature" group. In this case, the downloaded HLS playlist will look as follows:

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="channel01" tvg-id="channel01" group-title="Sports",channel01
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="channel02" tvg-id="channel02" group-title="Nature",channel02
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="channel05" tvg-id="channel05",channel05

Generating playlist is also available via Flussonic Streaming API. See Streaming API reference.


IPTV Plugin is a general http auth backend, so you can configure multiauth with other Middleware, like Stalker or Ministra.

Read more about authorization system and multiauth configuration.

The example of configuration with multiauth using IPTV plugin can be found here.