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DRMtoday DRM

DRMtoday DRM is a CPIX implementation with a custom configuration and authorization process. You can set up the DRMtoday DRM for a stream or for files in a VOD location.

Add the drm parameter to the stream or VOD config as follows:

stream example_stream {
  input udp://;
  protocols dash hls;
  drm drmtoday auth_server= cpix_config_id=UUID keyserver= merchant_id=mycompany password=api_pass resource_id=L2sItm6 username=api_user;


  • auth_server is an URL of the authorization server: DRMtoday provides separate servers for authorization and key requests.
  • keyserver is the URL of DRMtoday keyserver.
  • cpix_config_id is the UUID for CPIX config that you have created in DRMtoday.
  • merchant_id is your merchant UUID provided by DRMtoday.
  • username and password are credentials for the dedicated API user account.
  • resource_id is the identifier of the stream in DRMtoday. You can leave it empty to allow Flussonic generate it for you by stream or file name, but in this case it will change when stream or file name change.

Find the full list of settings for DRMtoday DRM in the Flussonic API reference by selecting DRMtoday in the drop-down list of vendors.