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MSS playback

Flussonic Media Server supports playing video via the MSS protocol. The stream is available at the URL:


Selecting tracks

Selecting tracks is useful to play video on client devices that do not support, for example, the multi-language MSS manifest.

If a stream has several audio, video, and subtitle tracks, you can specify which tracks to play. To do this, specify track numbers by adding the filter.tracks parameter to the stream URL.

  • http://FLUSSONIC-IP/STREAMNAME.isml/manifest?filter.tracks=v1a1 — select the first audio and second video tracks.
  • http://FLUSSONIC-IP/STREAMNAME.isml/manifest?filter.tracks=a1 — select audio only.
  • http://FLUSSONIC-IP/STREAMNAME.isml/manifest?filter.tracks=v1 — select video only.
  • http://FLUSSONIC-IP/STREAMNAME.isml/manifest?filter.tracks=a1t2 — select the first audio and second subtitle tracks.
  • http://FLUSSONIC-IP/STREAMNAME.isml/manifest?filter.tracks=v1t1t2t3 — select the first video track and three tracks with subtitles.

MSS DVR catch up playback

You can request a fragment of an archive as a file by using the following URL:


See API reference.

MSS event playback

Accessing the archive starting from the present moment (that is, live) and with the possibility to rewind back to the specified time (1651829645 in the example):


See API reference.

MSS rewinding

Playlist with a wide sliding window that allows you to rewind MSS streams and pause them for many hours:


MSS absolute timeshift

URL for MSS playback with absoulte timeshift:


MSS relative timeshift

URL for MSS playback with relative timeshift: