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System requirements

Please see the minimum system requirements to the host server for running Flussonic Media Server in the table below. In reality, the requirements may slightly vary depending on the number of concurrent connections to Flussonic server.


When calculating host server capabilities, all resources required for normal functioning of the operating system and other services running parallel to Flussonic must be taken into account.

Minimum system requirements

Concurrent connections 10 100 1 000 5 000+
Processor Any Single core Quad core (Xeon/Core i7) Dual core Xeon E5
RAM 128 MB 256 MB 1024 MB 16 GB
Free disk space 40 MB 40 MB 40 MB 40 MB
Network adapter 100 Mbit/s 1 Gbit/s 1 Gbit/s Server NIC 10 Gbit/s Intel
Operating system Ubuntu Linux

For stable streaming video playback with a high volume of concurrent connections, we recommend distributing the traffic load among several real servers. For detailed information on clustering of Flussonic servers, please see the Clustering section.

Please note that when files on disk are used as the data source, the disk subsystem bears the main burden. Consequently, when planning the host server architecture for running Flussonic Media Server, special attention should be paid to the hard disk performance. For more detail on this subject, please see file streaming.

Firewall protection is not recommended, consider contacting support if you still need it.