Flussonic team

creates professional video streaming software.

We are developing professional solutions for video streaming for more than 5 years. The company's products are sold in 100 countries.

Our clients trust us the business. You can find our products in such companies as Ufanet, IBM, LUKOIL, Gazprom, Doorbot, City Courts and many others.

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Products and solutions

  • Flussonic Media Server for IPTV

    For launching IPTV services: transcoding, storage and delivery of video

  • Flussonic Media Server for IP cameras

    To develop your own VSaaS

  • Flussonic Watcher for VSaaS

    Turnkey development of High-Load projects of delivery and storage of video

  • Flussonic Solutions

    Custom development of highload projects with delivery and storage of video

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Version 4.6.10 and how was 2016

First release in 2017, results of 2016


Agent installed to camera for the connection with Flussonic from behind NAT

Peeklio agent — software for cameras to bypass NAT and connect to Flussonic


Version 4.6.9

DASH enhancements, management of NVIDIA transcoder start, MPEG-TS published transcoder, RTMP playback of MBR streams


Our customers and partners

  • Partner


    MAG Set-Top Boxes and Stalker Middleware developer

  • IP cameras industrial

    Production life-cycle integration and remote quality control on sawmills divided by hundreds of kilometres all over the Siberian taiga.

  • Partner


  • Monetized access to city cameras

    ISP is using Flussonic to prove access to street and city cameras in several cities with more than 2 millions of people

  • National video broadcasting service

    Flussonic provides all spectre of content delivery: IPTV OTT, Catchup, VOD for a huge video network

  • Corporate social network

    The largest Russian developer of cloud services for accounting and business uses Flussonic to deliver video content in corporate social network

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