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Pushing streams to DekTec ASI

Flussonic Media Server not only captures MPTS streams but also passes them to a DekTec ASI card.

To enable pushing to ASI, add the pusher configuration like push dektec-asi://serial_number:port to the multiplexer:

transponder mux1 {
  bitrate 10000k;
  push dektec-asi://2174207373:3;
  program 1 {
    source channel_1;
    title test;
    lcn 0;
    service_type digital_tv_avc_hd;
    pid 5032 pmt  pmt;
    pid 5033 a1;
    pid 5034 v1 bitrate=6000 pcr;
    pid 5035 l1;
stream channel_1 {
  input fake://fake;