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Flussonic supports:

  • ingest video from IP cameras via RTSP
  • accept publish from ffmpeg via RTSP (we haven't seen any other software doing it)
  • playback to external clients via RTSP (usually for video surveillance needs)
  • pushing to other server (usually flussonic) via RTSP

There are two different incompatible flavors of RTSP in wild nature:

  • IP camera RTSP that transmits video and audio in different UDP/interleaved TCP streams. Usually unicast.
  • IPTV RTSP that transmits video and audio inside MPEG-TS, which is encapsulated inside RTP packets, sent via multicast.

Flussonic has full support for the first option and limited support for the second (only ingest).


Following standards are implemented in Flussonic for RTSP:

Standard Purpose
RFC2326 Basic document for RTSP sessions
RFC3984 H264 inside RTP
RFC3016 AAC inside RTP
RFC2435 JPEG over RTP
RFC7798 HEVC inside RTP
RFC7587 Opus inside RTP
RFC3551 PCMA inside RTP

DVR support for RTSP

It is possible to play DVR via RTSP. Though we do not recomment using frame protocols for DVR (dash is much better for it), this may be a strict requirement for video surveillance integration which is using only RTSP.