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Widevine DRM

To set up the Widevine DRM for a stream or for files in a VOD location, add the drm parameter as follows:

stream example_stream {
  input udp://;
  protocols dash hls;
  drm widevine aes_key=1234512345...45123451234 iv=12345as...45asdfg12 signer=widevine_test;


  • aes_key and iv are required. You can get them in your account at
  • content_id is an optional parameter. It sets a unique identifier of the content. By default, content_id is equal to the stream name.

If you use a test key, you need to specify the signer option in the drm directive:

  • signer — a unique ID of the signer. Flussonic uses it to connect to the key server at<signer>.

If you use a production key, you need to specify the keyserver option:

  • keyserver — this option is used to set a custom URL for the Widevine key server. For example, keyserver=<signer>. In this case, the signer parameter is optional because signer is available from the keyserver URL.

Find the latest list of settings for Widevine DRM in the Flussonic API reference by selecting widevine in the drop-down list of vendors.