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Axinom DRM

Flussonic uses the SPEKE protocol to exchange keys with Axinom DRM, utilizing the CPIX XML format. Axinom DRM requires a special authorization header including a Tenant ID and a Management Key pair. You can configure Axinom DRM for the stream or the VOD location in the UI or in the configuration file:

In the UI

Go to Auth tab in the stream or VOD profile and select Axinom in the Require DRM authorization list.

Flussonic drm

In the config file

Add the drm parameter to the stream's config as follows:

stream example_stream {
  input udp://;
  protocols dash hls;
  drm axinom keyserver= management_key=dddddddd-aa00-0000-0aaa-000a00aaaa0a resource_id=stream_name tenant_id=00a0a0a0-a000-000a-aa00-a00000000000;

Parameter values

To get the values of some parameters required you should:

  • Sign in on the Axinom portal.
  • Navigate to My Mosaic and then to the DRM tab.
  • You will need the following parameters from the Key Service config section:

    • SPEKE URL is for keyserver= i.e. an URL of the Axinom key server.
    • Tenant ID and Management Key are authorization parameters management_key and tenant_id. Important. These parameters must be copied from the Key Service config section.

You should also come up with the value of the following parameter:

  • resource_id is an identifier of the stream. It is used as content_id in Axinom. You can leave this field empty for Flussonic to assume the content_id equal to the stream or file name, but in this case content_id will change if the stream or file is renamed, and so will the keyID (see below).

You can find the complete list of settings for Axinom DRM in the Flussonic API reference, selecting Axinom from the vendor dropdown list.

Getting KeyID

The Axinom license is bound to keyID. Flussonic generates this parameter automatically based on the resource_id during key exchange with Axinom DRM. To find out what keyID Flussonic has generated for your stream, get the DASH manifest using the DASH link from the Output tab in the stream's profile. For example:

curl -s https://FLUSSONIC-IP:PORT/example_stream/index.mpd | grep default_KID

The default_KID is your keyID.

Stream playback testing

You can try to play the stream in the test player on the Axinom website. When obtaining the player link, you will need to enter the keyID received as shown before.