Flussonic Coder

A modular multi-format and multi-protocol transcoder, packager, and origin server with a consistent, high density channel count independent of input or output encoding formats and protocols.


End-to-End Video
Delivery Solution

Flussonic Transcoder is a building block of the Flussonic Cluster required for processing, transmitting and further video recording. One can ingest a video stream with plenty of formats, codecs, and protocols in any point of presence of the Flussonic Cluster.

The ingested video streams exist in the Flussonic Cluster as a sequence of elementary frames. On ingress, the video is being demultiplexed into atoms and on egress, the video is being multiplexed and packaged back for delivering in every modern video streaming protocol.



Video Streaming Appliance

The major advantage of Flussonic Coder is that transcode the video content fast and correctly. This has become more significant than ever in today’s dynamic and digitalized world, where the end-users expect advanced video streaming to be available whenever and wherever. Through Flussonic Coder businesses can confirm that their video is delivered in the most suitable format and resolution in accordance with the device and platform of each user.


Ingress various DVB, IPTV, and OTT transport protocols.

Transcode 48 fHD or 96 SD sources to frame-aligned streams for OTT delivery.

Up to 8 dedicated video hardware accelerators with multi-codec support.

Up to 2048 Embedded CUDA cores for advanced video analysis.

Cluster support for horizontal and vertical scaling.

Unlimited video archive in the cloud for Timeshift, CatchUP, nDVR and nPVR functionality.

Based on NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 SoC.

Multiple redundancy and load-balancing options.

Dual hot-swappable power supplies with AC and DC options.

AVC and HEVC transcoding.

IPTV/OTT (Re)Streaming.

VoD files streaming.

Multi-vendor DRM Support.


Technical Specifications

Protocols and formats support

MPEG TS Ingest SPTS, MPTS, Data PID Passthrough
MPEG TS Monitoring TR101290
MPEG TS electronic program guide EPG EIT
MPEG TS advertising SCTE35
MPEG TS constant bitrate output PCR accurate CBR NULL Pid Stuffing
Input resolutions Up to 4k (interlaced and progressive)
Output resolutions Up to 4k (progressive only)
Streaming protocols RTSP, RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, WebRTC, MSE-LD, M4S, M4F
WebRTC models Playback and publish streams over UDP and TCP transports
MPEG DASH features Gap handling, CDN-Compatible playout, Subtitles, and Closed Captions support
VoD delivery MP4, MKV
DRM support DASH Widevine, HLS Fairplay, MSS Playready, Plain AES-128, Plain CAS (tokens)
Supported cloud DRM vendors Conax DRM, BuyDRM (KeyOS), PallyCon, EzDRM

Video archive support

Archive access protocols HLS, DASH, MSS, RTMP, RTSM, MSE-LD, HTTP MPEG-TS protocols
Granularity Segment
DVR mode Endless tape
MP4 export YES
Scheduled recording YES
Timeshift Session, Stream
Cloud storage support Amazon S3, Openstack Storage (swift)
Source replication YES
Application RAID YES

Interfaces (Input - Output)

Management interface 1000 Base-T
Video Input/Output 4 x 1000 Base -T NIC
Serial interface RS-232 console port

Physical dimensions

Mounting 19”, 2 or 4 Post Rack, 1 RU
(WxDxH) 438x525x44 mm
Weight 15 kg

Regulatory compliance

Approvals and compliance RoHS, CE/FCC Class A, UL
EMC standarts FCC Part 15 Class A
Safety standarts CSA/UL 60950 - 1


User friendly Web-UI
2x20 Character LCM, 4x Keypads
Event Handler Callbacks

Transcoding and video processing

Video codecs Mpeg2, H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC
Audio codecs AAC, AC3, Opus, MP3, MPEG2 Audio, PCMA/PCMU, E-AC3
Video processing Transcoding, Transrating, Scaling/Re-Sizing, Transmuxing
Logo insertion YES
Mosaic generation YES
DVB subtitles conversion to WebVTT YES
Ads insertion YES

Broadcast multiscreen specification

Full HD 48 output multibitrate streams
HD 56 output multibitrate streams
SD 80 output multibitrate streams

CDN support

Push protocols HLS push, RTMP push, UDP multicast retransmit
Akamai HLS-Push YES
Flussonic cluster support YES
Flussonic cluster ingest YES
Peer redirection YES
Transparent cluster DVR access YES


Stream ingest failover Automatic recovery to primary source, user configurable parameters and duration thesholds
Flussonic cluster load balancing YES
Redundant PSU YES
Independent transcoding modules YES


Input AC 90V-264V @47-63Hz
Power supply 300W 1+1 ATX Redundant PSUs
Typical power consumption 120 watt

Ordering information

Flussonic Coder 1840A 4x 1000 Base-T NIC, 48 fHD mbr channels transcode

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