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Ingesting SRT streams

Flussonic supports ingesting SRT streams. Read more about SRT at Using SRT protocol.

SRT ingest URL

For Flussonic to ingest an SRT stream, you should create a stream with the input URL formatted according to one of the options below:

  • Ingest using IP:PORT:


  • SRT parameters in the URL parameters:

    srt://SRT-SOURCE:SRT_PORT streamid="#!::m=request,r=STREAM_NAME"

  • SRT parameters in the URL query string:



  • SRT-SOURCE is an IP address of an SRT source server.
  • SRT_PORT is an SRT port of an SRT source server.
  • streamid is a string formatted as described here.
  • r=STREAM_NAME is the name of a stream to ingest.

For example:

stream ingest_srt {
  input srt://SRT-SOURCE:8888 streamid="#!::m=request,r=srt_stream";

In the example above we enabled an ingest of an srt_stream stream over port 8888.

Parameters for an SRT ingest

Flussonic allows you to manage the ingest of the SRT streams by setting parameters.

Example with passphrase:

stream ingest_srt {
  input srt://SRT-SOURCE:9999 passphrase=0987654321 streamid="#!::m=request";


stream ingest_srt {
  input srt://SRT-SOURCE:9999?streamid=#!::m=request&passphrase=0987654321;

In the examples above we secured stream port 9999 with passphrase.

Besides, here you can find a few parameters to specify in streamid as well:

  • u=USERNAME is a username. Flussonic uses it as a token for an ingest session authorization.
  • a=USER_AGENT is a user agent. Used in the ingest session authorization.