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Flussonic Media Server

Flussonic Media Server is a server-side software for launching a high-load video streaming service of any scale. Flussonic Media Server can receive, store, transcode, and deliver video to any number of viewers on any device.

Flussonic is written in a programming language called Erlang, which achieves:

  • parallel processing efficiency
  • high fault tolerance of the server
  • scalability of the service ranging from a single server to a complex distributed network

Fields of application

  • IPTV and OTT services
  • VSaaS and CCTV
  • video streaming

Flussonic Media Server features

  • Live streaming. Captures live from satellite, IP camera, capture card or video encoding program. Supports VMix, OBS, Atemi, HDMI-to-RTMP converters, video editing consoles and browsers. Supports SDI, ASI, SRT, RTMP, WebRTC, WebRTC with ABR and WebRTC playback (WHEP) with retransmitting settings. Plays multibitrate live and streams from the archive via HLS, DASH, or MSS over the Internet. Plays multibitrate live streams via WebRTC with low latency.
  • Captures from DVB capture cards. Captures channels from DVB-T/C/S cards. Captures WebRTC (WHIP), H.323, UDP MPEG-TS, TCP MPEG-TS, and HTTP MPEG-TS, M4S/M4F.
  • Transmission to DVB networks. Prepares MPTS for transmission to satellite according to the TR-101290 standards. Receives publishing MPTS via DVB-C card for transmission to DVB-C networks.
  • Reception of DVB subtitles. Conversion of DVB subtitles from pictures to text.
  • Video on Demand (VOD). File distribution with adaptive bitrate and language selection.
  • Own channel from VOD files
  • DVR archive. Records video streams to disk and manages the archive, supports the required archive depth and hard disk capacity. Plays multibitrate DVR via HLS, DASH, and MSS. DVR API.
  • Delayed playback. Plays multibitrate live streams with delay via HLS, DASH or MSS.
  • DRM. Supports Widevine, PlayReady, Solocoo, Conax, EzDRM, BuyDRM KeyOS, and other DRM systems. See Flussonic API Reference for a complete list.
  • Cloud storage. Fetches files from HTTP servers and cloud storages like Amazon S3 and OpenStack Storage (Swift), and stores the archive in cloud storages.
  • Transcoder. Supports H.264, H.265, AV1, MPEG-2 video, deinterlacing, multibitrate, AAC, MP3, Opus, MPEG-2 audio, AC3, PCMA, PCMU audio codecs.
  • CDN integration
  • Plays MPTS multicast and unicast
  • Delivers SPTS to multicast group for local networks
  • Web player for HLS, DASH, MSS and WebRTC
  • Ad Insertion. Server-side ad insertion.
  • Source capture failover using multiple servers.
  • API for integration. Integration with Middleware and service website.
  • Channel viewing statistics
  • Guides for solutions to typical problems. Capture, transcoding, archiving with access, packager, player, monitoring.
  • Project Support

Start working with Flussonic Media Server

To start working with Flussonic Media Server, do the following:

  1. Request a trial by filling out the trial form on our website
  2. Follow the steps in the Quick start with Media Server.

What's new

Find the changes added in the latest Flussonic versions in our blog.