Flussonic Media Server Documentation

Export to MP4

Downloading from server

A fragment of an archive can be exported to a local computer to a file using this URLs:

  • MP4 file http://flussonic:8080/channel/archive-1350274200-4200.mp4
  • MPEG-TS file http://flussonic:8080/channel/archive-1350274200-4200.ts

Where 1350274200 is a fragment's start time in unix time. And 4200 is fragment's duration in seconds.

precise=true option increases export accuracy up to a second:

  • http://flussonic:8080/channel/archive-1350274200-60.mp4?precise=true

Save to server

The archive fragment can be saved on the server HDD disk as MP4 file using this URL, and you need admin authorization:

  • curl -u USER:PASSWORD http://flussonic:8080/channel/save-mp4-1350274200-4200?file=recording.mp4

The file will be saved in the same directory where DVR recordings are stored.

You can save the file to another directory by specifying the full path to the file:

  • curl -u USER:PASSWORD http://flussonic:8080/channel/save-mp4-1350274200-4200?file=/path/to/file/recording.mp4