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Digital Video Recording (DVR)

With Flussonic Media Server, you can use rich archive-related functionality:

  • Real time recording and viewing IP cameras without limitations on the archive size
  • Recording and postponed viewing of TV channels without limitations on the archive size
  • Maintaining the archive depth (for example, 1 week)
  • Broadcasting HLS, HDS, MPEG-TS, RTSP, RTMP, DASH
  • Broadcasting in the timeshift mode (for example, video can be shifted for an hour back)
  • Export of video to MP4 files
  • Recording video to an enterprise storage or to a cloud storage such as Amazon S3
  • Work with the Flussonic's application-level disk array that provides high reliability and accessibility of the archive.

Advantages of DVR in Flussonic

Video archiving in Flussonic Media Server has a number of features that distinguish it from competitors:

  • No limitation on archive size: you can store months or even years of video
  • Access to an archive as if it was an endless video tape
  • Thumbnails are part of an archive (this allows a fast preview of individual thumbnails without rewinding)
  • Built-in restreaming and replication of archives (for a group of Flussonic Media Servers)
  • Good speed of reading and recording, reduced disk I/O when recording.
  • SSD caching.

Using DVR archives in Flussonic Media Server