24.07 Watcher

New Features in Flussonic Watcher 24.07

  1. Social Media Publishing: Added support for publishing video from cameras to social media platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook via RTMP.
  2. Update for Watcher Mobile App: Preparing an update for the Android mobile application. Users with versions earlier than 24.07 will need to update their systems. Instructions are provided in the documentation.
  3. Archive Backup for Streams: Added the ability to enable backup of the archive for the stream via the redundancy_factor parameter in the DVR.


  1. UI Settings Retrieval: Added GET /ui_settings API for retrieving display settings for the map page.
  2. Camera Status in Mosaics API: Added the ability to retrieve camera status when working with mosaics API.
  3. Performance of Face Detection on CPU: Improved performance of face detection running on the CPU, resulting in quicker scene changes and more consistent facial recognition.
  4. Separated Iris-Web Manager: Iris-web has been separated as a distinct manager on the camera.
  5. Preview Timestamp in API: Added a preview_timestamp to the API to obtain the time when the episode preview is available.
  6. Build Target for Armv7-uclibc: Added build target for armv7-uclibc for iris-web.
  7. Config Generation for HAL: Now iris-web manager can generate config for HAL.
  8. Streamer Addition with Checks: Added the ability to add a streamer with checks to ensure proper cluster operation using the checks_enable query parameter.


  1. Non-Standard Public Payload Port: Fixed a bug that caused playback issues when setting a non-standard public_payload_port for HTTPS.
  2. Post-Install Script Execution: Fixed the issue with executing the post-install script when updating from versions below 23.04.
  3. License Plate Recognition on GPU: Fixed the issue with license plate recognition on GPU for certain streams.
  4. Coordinates Field in API: Added the coordinates field and deprecated map_coordinates in the API. Use coordinates to determine the camera’s location on the map.
  5. Camera Availability via Agent: Fixed a bug where a camera operating through an agent was unavailable after addition.
  6. HTTPS Playback in Mobile App: Fixed an issue where the mobile application was not using HTTPS for playback.
  7. Lets Encrypt Certificate Issuance: Fixed a bug where the Lets Encrypt certificate issuance for the streamer was not working.
  8. Password Recovery in CLI: Fixed a bug where password recovery did not work in the terminal.
  9. Comment Field for Stream Pushes: Fixed saving the comment field for stream pushes in the API.
  10. Error Format When Adding Ads: Fixed the format of errors displayed when adding ads. Errors are now returned according to the API specification.

These updates enhance the functionality and reliability of Flussonic Watcher, providing new features for stream management, improved performance, and several important bug fixes.