24.06 Watcher

Update to Flussonic Watcher (v.24.06) to get insertion of preroll advertisement on video playback.

New Features

  1. Channel Limit: Added a ‘Channel Limit’ field to the streamer settings page to limit the number of streams and protect against excessive load.
  2. Indonesian License Plate Recognition: Support for recognizing Indonesian license plates.
  3. Episodes Page: Replaced “Events” page with a new “Episodes” page featuring filters for multiple organizations and cameras, filter for unknown persons, automatic updates, grouping by persons and license plates, and both listing and card views.
  4. Iris DVR Support: Added support for Iris DVR recordings playback in DVR Player.
  5. Permission Settings for Shares: Added permission settings for viewing Live and DVR when creating and editing links on the “Shares” page.
  6. Test Push Notification: Added an API endpoint for sending test push notifications to the mobile application.
  7. Advertisement Page: Added a page to configure and upload advertisements for embedding in camera streams.
  8. Enable Advertisements: Ability to enable advertisements on the Shares page.
  9. Use of flussonic-vision-transition Module: Support for using this video analytics module with nvidia-driver-550.
  10. Rockchip Support in Iris DVR: Added support for Rockchip in Iris DVR.
  11. Organizations API: Added an APIv3 method to fetch the list of organizations.
  12. Presets API: Added an APIv3 method to fetch the list of presets.
  13. Simplified Camera Addition: Simplified API for adding a camera with an agent, not requiring organization_id and preset_id to create an activation token.
  14. DVR Playback from SD Card: Ability to play DVR from the camera’s SD card using VLC player with a special manifest.
  15. Advertising Removal: Added functionality to remove advertisements on the “Advertisement” page.
  16. Advertising Video Upload: Added the ability to upload advertising videos when creating advertisements.


  1. Multilingual Support: Added support for multiple languages in the new interface (PWA).
  2. Organization Filters on Episodes Page: Added a filter for multiple organizations on the episodes page.
  3. Password Reset: Added a password reset feature.
  4. License Plate Previews: Display previews of license plates on the episodes page.
  5. Interface Language Selection: Added interface language selection.
  6. DVR Depth Limit: Added the ability to specify the depth of the available DVR in seconds, minutes, hours, days, and weeks when creating a link on the “Shares” page.
  7. Automatic Checkbox Rules: Added automatic checkbox rules on the “Shares” page to manage advert and DVR settings.
  8. JSON Logs: Converted logs to JSON format for better handling.
  9. Stream Coordinates: Added coordinates in streams API for fetching or updating stream location.


  1. License Plate Detection Areas: Fixed issue with license plates detected outside the designated areas.
  2. Public URL Display: Fixed bug with displaying the Public URL of the streamer.
  3. Database Backup Utilities: Added utilities for creating backups and restoring the database.
  4. Auto-Login: Fixed issue with the auto-login feature.
  5. Stream Layout in Standalone: Fixed bug where stream layout didn’t work in watcher-standalone.
  6. Episode Playback Delays: Fixed issue where persons or license plates appeared with a delay during episode playback.
  7. Cyrillic License Plate Search: Fixed issue with searching Cyrillic license plates.
  8. Inference Node Stability: Fixed issue where the Inference node would stop unexpectedly when recognizing license plates.
  9. Episode Duration Calculation: Fixed issue where the episode duration was negative due to incorrect opened_at value.
  10. UI Localization Errors: Fixed localization errors when selecting sorting on the episodes page.
  11. Web Push Subscription Validation: Improved validation for creating subscriptions to web pushes.

These updates significantly enhance the functionality, user experience, and reliability of Flussonic Watcher, providing better tools for video management, analytics, and advertisement integration. For more detailed information, you can refer to the official release notes【7†source】.