A reliable and fast server for recording your video
content, designed specifically
for video streaming tasks.


Recording can be done indefinitely and is limited only by the hdd


CatcUP, nDVR and nPVR functionality.

Storage on local drives, SSD-cache and clouds

Export of video to MP4 files

Access to the archive via RTMP, HLS, HDS, HTTP MPEG-TS and RTSP

Flussonic RAID

Flussonic RAID for DVR is an application-level RAID offering high
reliability and convenience when writing video data to dozens
of disks. Flussonic RAID has substantial advantages over similar

No additional hardware has to be purchased

Convenient configuration and integration into your existing system

Uniform loading of disk capacities

Add or delete disks during archive extraction

Automatic “seamless” data migration

Manifests for playing back archives of live streams

Manifest (playlist) contains links to archive and live stream segments, which are updated by default as the live stream is broadcast.

The playlist expands dynamically within the available window and becomes static when the boundary reaches the upper limit of the set time.

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