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Maximize your broadcast capabilities with Flussonic Media Server — a dynamic solution supporting various sources like cable (DVB-C), digital (DVB-T), and satellite (DVB-S). Functioning as a comprehensive TV Headend, Flussonic excels in managing IPTV streams delivered over the internet. Flussonic empowers you to establish a robust IPTV service, efficiently distributing streams based on your server configuration, whether in a local or global network

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Designed to work 24 hours a day

Flussonic does not require scheduled restarts. Viewers will receive content even if the satellite signal is lost in the presence of bad weather. Connect an alternative IP source or make a backup file - and if the main source is unavailable, there will be a smooth switch to the redundant one.

With the help of the monitoring systems, receive timely messages if a particular channel is unavailable, collect statistics about the multiplexer operation.


Why Flussonic Media Server?

  • 4-in-1 Solution: Serve as a multiplexer, satellite, terrestrial, and IP receiver.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Support diverse standards for cable, satellite, and terrestrial TV.
  • Efficient Streaming: Form MPTS streams, support modulators, and provide failover functionality.

The Flussonic headend station is both an IRD and a multiplexer. Less costs for electricity, purchase and maintenance of additional devices. Saving rack space by 2 or more times. Communication with the technical support of one company, instead of several.

Easier maintenance and setup

Running on any standard server. Convenient management, thanks to a simple web interface. It is easier to find staff for maintenance, unlike highly specialized television equipment.

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Media Server


The Flussonic Technical Integration Department is at your disposal. Technical support engineers always carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of the received request and give detailed answers. They have the expertise to build the service infrastructure and predict risks.

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Receiving IP, terrestrial, satellite, cable channels, and even ASI, SDI, HDMI

Formation of MPTS stream from different types of sources

Sending a signal to a modulator or directly to DVB, ISDB or ATSC cable networks

Creating your own TV channels from VOD files

Switching to a source from a file when the signal is lost

Source Failover

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