24.04 Media Server

In the April release, Flussonic Media Server 24.04 blooms alongside the cherry blossoms! We’re excited to introduce new features for restreamers and streaming platform runners, hardware encoding enthusiasts, and those deploying Media Server in a cluster.

Fragmented MP4 for archive export and for VOD files

Flussonic Media Server now supports fragmented MP4 for archive export allowing download to begin without waiting for the entire file to be formed.

We also support fragmented MP4 for VOD files ensuring compatibility with popular software like OBS Studio that records in fragmented MP4 by default. Recordings made with such programs can simply be placed in a VOD location and distributed from Flussonic Media Server.

Fragmented MP4 is enabled by default requiring no additional settings. Have no fear as compatibility is maintained: all old VOD files will continue to be readable alongside the new ones.

Enhanced RTMP for restreaming to YouTube

The Enhanced RTMP standard enables the use of AV1 and H.265 (HEVC) codecs which means you can stream high-quality video to YouTube. Simply configure the RTMP push and/or publishing in the usual manner and it will work with AV1/HEVC encoded streams. Setup for a test example is already available in our documentation.

Bunny on Youtube

Preparing ad clips with Flussonic API

Previously, preparing an advertisement for injection using Flussonic was challenging. Now, we’ve enhanced the file_processor API so you can simply pass media_info parameters to it and receive a clip ready for insertion. Currently, this feature is available only through CLI, but we plan to add it to the UI as well.

Axinom DRM settings in the UI

The popular Axinom DRM content protection system can now be configured in the Admin UI.

Axinom settings

SDI/ASI hardware encoding on Flussonic Coder

The Flussonic Coder firmware has been updated to include support for SDI/ASI encoding.

media-server-operator for deploying Flussonic in Kubernetes

We are offering you github.com/flussonic/media-server-operator for deploying Media Server in a Kubernetes cluster. The operator will handle all configurations for you and keep track of updates. For more details, refer to our documentation.

WebRTC playback in embed.html

Now, you can play any stream via WebRTC WHEP in the embed.html player without the need to develop your own player or look into the peculiarities of WebRTC session authentication. Use the embed.html?proto=webrtc option to enable WebRTC mode.

WebRTC in embed.html

Flussonic Central cluster status in the UI

A new page for monitoring cluster health has been added to the Central Admin UI. This addition will make it easier to identify which server is experiencing issues.