What’s new in Flussonic ver. 22.09

  1. Support for SMIL files for VOD adaptive bitrate streaming. Migrating to Flussonic from another media server is now easier. If you already have a library of media files with different quality, you will not have to spend time changing the cataloguing order or performing other manipulations. SMIL support allows you to specify the path to files, so that files with different quality will be collected in one multi bitrate playlist. This works both in the case of local and cloud storage.

  2. This release has enormously increased the accuracy of OCR recognition of subtitles in all languages when converting from DVD to WebVTT. We measured the recognition accuracy of the Hungarian and Romanian languages – it increased from 57% to 92%. Use the functionality of converting subtitles from DVB to WebVTT if you accept DVB subtitles as a bitmap in the incoming MPEG-TS stream and want to be able to show subtitles on mobile devices and players without DVB support.

  3. For convenient running of Flussonic on Kubernetes, we support JSON logs and tag storage in Docker Hub (now you can choose the version of Flussonic you need to install).

  4. Flussonic now can send UDP multicast with constant audio bitrate. This allows to improve audio quality and to send AAC audio tracks without trimming.