1. It is now possible to determine the default language of the user from the interface.

  2. You can now get a report for a specified period of time on unique visitors by calling the API.

  3. Now you can request a chronological report of all visitors.

  4. You have the option to synchronize the time and the date in the browser with the account time zone.

What’s new in Flussonic ver. 20.09

  1. With this new version, you can now download fragments of video from the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) in MP4 format directly to Amazon instead of downloading it to the server, which makes the process easier and faster.

  2. [If for some reason the server could not be activated, it will still start and allow you to change the license key and verify the network settings.]

  3. You can now hide the administrator password on the Flussonic settings page.

  4. In the player, you have now the option to make multi-coloured markers with comments to differentiate, for example, movements from analytics events or intrusion sensors.

  5. [Several new options allow you to indicate to STBs the sort order of TV channels and, at the same time, a list of service information.]

  6. [A new option allows you to pack information about other transponders (frequencies) into the transport stream. In the list, you can see all the channels to which the recipient of the service is subscribed.]

  7. Now Flussonic works better with analyzers and some equipment, which allows you to explicitly specify the version of meta-information, changing it during updates. This means fewer STBs will hang with a black screen during configuration changes.

Note 20.09