24.07 Media Server

New Features and Improvements in Flussonic Media Server 24.07

In Flussonic 24.07, you can look forward to:

  • New validation rules for the config. You might need to correct some erroneous configurations that you were not aware of.
  • Config_external now allows managing replication.

New Config and API Checks

  1. Validation of Unique UDP Push Groups: Added validation of unique UDP push groups in the config parser.
  2. Protection for Decklink Output: Config validator will protect from pushing to the same Decklink output from different streams.
  3. Auto-Scroll to Error Line: Config editor will automatically scroll down to the error line in case of an invalid config.
  4. Stricter URL Validation: More strict validation of URLs specified in the config.
  5. Validation of Unique Source Names: Added validation of unique source names to the config.
  6. Improved Error Indication in Config Parsing: Better indication when parsing invalid config.
  7. Stricter DVR URL Validation: More strict validation of DVR URL.
  8. Better Logging of JSON and HTTP Errors: Improved logging of JSON and HTTP errors in config_external.
  9. Addition of Path and URL in Config External: Added path and URL in config_external logs for easier debugging.

New Features

  1. Lutra Boards: Initial production of Lutra boards.
  2. Bitrate Recheck: Will recheck publish bitrate on all protocols if max_bitrate is configured.
  3. New Mode for UDP Pusher: New mode for UDP pusher with the ability to use an isolated CPU core.
  4. DVR Replication on Streams: Ability to replicate DVR on streams from config_external.
  5. Infrastructure for Customizable Firmwares: Prepared infrastructure for new customizable firmwares.
  6. Support for D Attribute in MSS Rewind Playlist: Added support for enabling d attribute in MSS rewind playlist.
  7. Safe Interconnect for SDI Reading: New segfault-safe interconnect technology for reading SDI.
  8. Track Selection by Codecs: Can now select tracks by their codecs for choosing multiplexer PIDs.


  1. HEVC Support in Safari: The player now supports HEVC playback in Safari.
  2. Debian Updater: Debian updater will now check only our repository, skipping foreign ones.
  3. Statistics for Disabled Streams: Will not send any stream.stats for disabled streams in API.
  4. Improved Episode Playback Stability: Improved stability and faster start of episode playback.
  5. X-Originator Header: Added X-Originator header in config_external requests.


  1. MPEG-TS Packet Size on SRT Push: Fixed output MPEG-TS packet size on SRT push.
  2. Return Server Version in Config Get: Fixed returning server_version in config_get response.
  3. Log Upload from Console: Fixed bug with uploading logs from console.
  4. Archive Playback When Source Unavailable: Fixed archive playback when the source is unavailable.
  5. DASH DVR Playback with Period=Mono Mode: Fixed DASH DVR playback with period=mono mode.
  6. Improved Timeline Rendering: Improved timeline rendering.
  7. Tesseract Dependency for Auto Upgrade: Fixed tesseract dependency for automatic upgrade.
  8. Regression with MBR HLS Reading: Fixed regression with reading MBR HLS with CC entry.

These updates significantly enhance the functionality and reliability of Flussonic Media Server, providing new capabilities for stream and DVR management.