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Mobile Applications UpdateΒΆ

We are preparing an update for the Flussonic Watcher mobile application. The release in the stores is scheduled for October 2024. In the new version of the app, we have:

  1. Updated the design.
  2. Implemented security fixes.
  3. Fixed bugs.

You can try the new app right now:

  1. Download the APK file.
  2. Install the mobile application.


The new mobile application is not compatible with Flussonic Watcher versions below 24.07.

Unfortunately, we had to forgo backward compatibility. Therefore, if you continue to use Flussonic Watcher versions below 24.07, after the update, your clients will lose the ability to use the mobile application.

To prevent this from happening, prepare for the update:

  1. Update Flussonic Watcher to the latest available version.
  2. Download the APK file and install the mobile application.
  3. Log in to the mobile application with your Flussonic Watcher account.
  4. Check that the mobile application works: verify login, camera list, video loading. If you encounter any issues with the mobile application, contact support.