24.03 Watcher

With the new Flussonic Watcher 24.03 version, we present a number of improvements that significantly enhance the user experience and improve the security and usability of the system. Give your subscribers the ability to secure PIN pincode access to the mobile app. With a new feature in the Watcher Admin UI, you can easily send camera URLs via the Sharing tab. Finally, camera management becomes more convenient and easier, with an updated camera list page where you can view and edit cameras (without playing the image for privacy). And that’s not all! Upgrade to version 24.03 and try our new features for yourself!

PIN code for Watcher Client UI (PWA)

Encourage your subscribers to set a PIN to log into the Watcher Client UI (PWA) application or the Security tab in their user profile for additional data protection and control over access to cameras and archive.

Attendance report

Monitor your employees’ attendance with our development API Attendance Reporting.

Camera list page for admins

Administrators can easily manage cameras and settings on a new camera list page in the Watcher Admin UI without accessing the video/archive for privacy reasons.

IRIS firmware

with the new feature in the Iris camera firmware - automatic day/night switching, the video quality on your cameras with the SSC30K (YCX) chipset is no longer affected by lighting conditions.

Bugs fixed:

Push-messages in PWA
With an improved indication it is pointed out right in the UI that for push-messages to work correctly https is needed to be enabled.

Back to live
To go back to live without refreshing the page, the “back to live” button is indicated when browsing the archive in Watcher UI.

There are no episodes with zero duration downloaded from the list of episodes in the Watcher Client UI (PWA).

Config external
A false error message “Config external error while refresh” was removed when a streamer status is OK.

User access to menu items
Menu items are now displayed/hidden in the UI according to the permission of a user accessing it.

Watcher installation
Since 24.03 Central starts correctly with a newly installed Watcher.

Watcher update
Since 24.03 subservices restart automatically with Watcher updated.

Episode markers are displayed correctly on the timeline in the Player in the Watcher Client UI (PWA).

Watcher documentation

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