23.08 Central

Introducing Central 23.08, the latest version of Flussonic Central that brings enhanced security with HTTPS support for Admin UI and API requests, efficient API filtering with the “q” parameter, and simplified troubleshooting with database migration error logs. The revolutionary episode-based mechanism offers effortless event integration, comprehensive episode management, advanced classification, and flexible manual episode creation. The Central UI now includes DVR settings in streamer profiles, real-time Agent status display, and streamlined streamer addition. Load balancing, IP camera management, and simplified licensing further elevate media management. With improved configuration and provisioning, enhanced Agent management functions, Central 23.08 ensures a seamless and efficient Flussonic ecosystem orchestration.

New Features

HTTPS Support for Central Admin UI and API Requests: We prioritize your security, and with this update, Flussonic Central now supports HTTPS connections for both Admin UI and API requests. Enable HTTPS by specifying the HTTPS_PORT, SSL_CERTIFICATE, and SSL_CERTIFICATE_KEY parameters in the configuration. Please generate the SSL certificate manually for a secure connection.

Enhanced Central API with the “q” Parameter: The introduction of the “q” parameter enables you to filter stream query results using patterns in text fields such as title, name, input, and more. With this newfound flexibility, you can now obtain more targeted and precise results tailored to your specific needs.

Enhanced Troubleshooting with Database Migration Errors: Central logs will now display any database migration errors encountered during updates, facilitating issue identification and resolution.

Added the API methods for managing auth backends: This update introduces API methods to manage authentication backends, streamlining the authentication process.

Auth backends now provisioned from Central to streamers: This feature enables seamless provisioning of auth backends from Central to streamers, enhancing the user experience.

Added support for multiple auth backends with Watcher and IPTV functions: Now, you can simultaneously use Watcher and IPTV functions with Central, supporting multiple auth backends. The auth_backend vsaas configuration is no longer the only option, and it is automatically added if UPSTREAM_URL (Watcher hostname) is specified.

Episode-based mechanism introduction in Flussonic Central

Flussonic Central revolutionizes archived content and stream management with its new episode-based mechanism.

Effortless Event Integration: Flussonic Central seamlessly captures events from the Media Server through event_sink provisioning. This facilitates episode generation and enhances workflow efficiency.

Comprehensive Episode Management: API support empowers you to manage episodes and safeguard specific archive segments from accidental deletion, ensuring vital content preservation.

Advanced Episode Classification: The introduction of the episode_type parameter enables customized categorization, simplifying content management and improving organization within your media library.

Flexible Manual Episode Creation: The new PUT /streamer/api/v3/episodes/{episode_id} API method allows manual episode creation, enabling personalized control over duration and content for a tailored viewing experience.

Episode Expiration Date: Set expiration dates for episodes in the DVR configuration, automatically removing outdated or irrelevant content to optimize storage usage and maintain a relevant archive.

Improved Integration and Provisioning: Stream configuration provisioned via config_external now includes the episodes_url parameter, facilitating effective utilization of the episodes mechanism by streamers.

Enhanced Event Management: Motion events are now fetched from Central by Watcher, using the new episodes mechanism, improving event retrieval and ensuring consistent event management by streamers.

Fine-tuned Episode Management: We’ve added “opened_at_lt” and “closed_at_gt” parameters for the “GET streamers/{hostname}/episodes” request, providing greater control over the management of external episodes.

Central UI

DVR Settings in Streamer Profile: Flussonic Central UI now includes DVR settings in the streamer profile to easily configure and manage DVR-related parameters.

Improved Agent Status Display: Stay informed about the connection statuses between the Agent (Central) and streampoint (streamer). The Agent list in the Central Admin UI now displays real-time connection statuses, providing you with up-to-date information at a glance.

Streamer Addition Fix: We have resolved an issue in Flussonic Central Admin UI that previously prevented the addition of streamers. The required cluster_key field is now available in the streamer creation form, ensuring a seamless streamer addition process.

Episodes Management in UI: You can now conveniently manage episodes directly from the Central Admin UI on the Events page, streamlining your workflow.

Load Balancing

With the finalized load balancing feature, you can now seamlessly access playback over the Central domain name in Streaming API URLs, eliminating the need for explicit use of direct URLs to specific streamers.

IP Camera Management

Our latest update empowers Central to handle motion events directly from IP cameras. Benefit from centralized event management, ensuring smooth event handling and streamlined integration with your IP camera infrastructure.

Licensing Simplified

We’ve implemented a streamlined licensing mechanism for Flussonic Central, leveraging Media Server’s licensing servers. With this enhancement, managing licenses for your Central installation becomes effortless.

Configuration and Provisioning

Streamlined Configuration Management: Flussonic Central introduces improved configuration management, ensuring seamless control over your Flussonic Media Servers. Any manual changes made to the Media Server configuration are now forbidden and will be automatically overridden by Central. For assistance with introducing manual configuration changes, please reach out to our dedicated support team.

Efficient Configuration Provisioning: We have enhanced the process of configuration provisioning from Central to streamers, optimizing the workflow to fit into the default timeout, ensuring that configurations are efficiently synchronized between Central and your streamers.

Improved Stability and Compatibility: Flussonic Central addresses a critical issue where Central was unable to start due to incorrect handling of streamer configurations. With this fix, you can now ensure the smooth operation of Central and its seamless integration with streamers. Enhanced Event Sink Provisioning: The provisioning of the event_sink configuration with the Central event collector to streamers is now enabled by default.

Agent Management

Seamless Agent Provisioning from Watcher: Agents can now be provisioned effortlessly using the Watcher mobile app, without requiring a Central restart.

Accurate Agent Status Display: The issue causing the Agent status to incorrectly display as online in Central when the Agent was offline has been resolved. The displayed status now accurately reflects real-time connectivity.

Efficient Agent Deactivation: When a camera is deleted from Watcher, the associated Agent is now properly deactivated, ensuring smooth operation within your infrastructure.

Improved Agent Reconnection with Streamers: Agents can now reliably reconnect with streamers even when the connection is lost and the streamer remains unchanged.

Sorted List of Agents in Central Admin UI: The list of Agents in the Central Admin UI is now sorted, simplifying navigation and making it easier to find and manage Agents efficiently.

Resolved Connectivity Issue: We have resolved an issue where Agents were unable to connect with the localhost streamer.

Enhanced Agent Identification: In the Agent list of the Central UI, the serial number of each Agent is now displayed. This improvement enables easy identification and tracking of individual Agents, simplifying management and monitoring tasks.