Flussonic Watcher documentation


The Watcher's ddministrator can edit the following settings in the Watcher web interface.

  • Operating mode – a multi-server cluster mode or a plugin mode that works on one server.
  • Streamers - the link to the page for streamers management. It becomes active in cluster mode.

Settings Flussonic Watcher

  • Archive path — the path to the DVR archive storage. It can be a Swift storage, available in a standalone mode, with a single server launch. In cluster mode, the DVR path must be configured for each streamer in the streamer settings on the managing server.
  • API key — a token used for mobile access. You need to use it in your Account on the Flussonic website to activate access to mobile applications.
  • Guest access – allow unregistered users to log in.
  • Registration allowed — turn on the self-registration option.
  • Homepage — select what users will see upon login: map or dashboard.
  • Guest Homepage — select what guests will see: map or dashboard.
  • Dashboard — select what items to show on a dashboard: camera or groups.
  • External Authentication – External authorization. Specify http address or address of RADIUS server.
  • Show map in navigation — show or hide the map from the side menu.
  • Map Center — geographic coordinates for map centering.
  • Map Language – map language.
  • Map zoom — set the default map zoom.
  • Map Provider — select the map provider: Google, Openstreetmaps or OpenStreetMaps Offline.
  • Cameras serial numbers management – control camera serial IDs in Flussonic Watcher. It is necessary when you use Agent.
  • Custom header text — see details in the section «Interface customization»
  • Custom page title — see details in the section «Interface customization»
  • Custom logo — see details in the section «Interface customization»
  • Custom color theme — see details in the section «Interface customization»