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Migrating Flussonic Watcher to a new serverΒΆ

Below is the procedure for the Flussonic Watcher managing server migration in Cluster. If you want to upgrade your Single installation to Cluster, i.e. split streamer and managing server by migrating your managing server to a separate server, please contact our technical support team at for help.

To migrate the managing Watcher server, follow these steps:

  1. Update your existing server with Flussonic Watcher to the latest release.
  2. Install Flussonic Watcher on the new server in a usual way (you may skip the last step of cluster install, i.e. conf file editing).
  3. Copy and transfer the files /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf and /etc/flussonic/license.txt to the new server.
  4. On the old server, back up the database.
  5. Transfer the resulting .sql file to the new server.
  6. Restore the data from this file on the new server.
  7. Restart the service:

    service flussonic restart