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Flussonic Agent in the Watcher UI

The list of activated Agents registered in your Watcher is shown on the Agents page.

Agent list in Watcher web UI

The Agent can be supplied either already bound or not bound to a specific Operator ID that uniquely identifies the Watcher server URL. Please refer to Mobile Applications page for details on how to find or get the Operator ID.

If the bound Agent is installed on the camera, then it will connect to the Watcher server itself when the camera is connected to the Internet, and you just have to go to the Watcher web UI and check that the Agent has appeared in the list. If the Agent is not bound, then it will appear in the list after you add camera via Watcher mobile app.

The Agent list shows the following data:

  • Agent's status — Watcher uses color to show the Agent status (red for not working Agents, green for working Agents). The period during which the Agent was in this status is also shown.
  • Agent ID — a unique identifier of this Agent.
  • Camera — the name of the camera where the Agent is installed and the name of the Organization to which this camera is added.
  • Model ID — information about the camera model and firmware version.
  • Serial Number — Agent serial number.
  • IP address — local and public IP addresses as well as MAC address.

There is also a Filter on this page to search for Agents by Organization to which the corresponding camera belongs.