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Cluster status

The Health menu section in the Watcher web UI allows the Watcher administrator to monitor infrastructure including streamers, disk consumption, etc.

Streamer status

The streamer list includes:

  • TYPE: installation type on the server, i.e. Watcher (managing server) or Streamer.
  • FLUSSONIC VERSION: installation version on the server, should be the same on all servers for the best experience.
  • STREAMS: the number of active vs. total streams. Click the number in this column to open the Cameras page with filter by streamer enabled.
  • CPU: percentage of the CPU load on the server.
  • RAM: percentage of the RAM usage on the server.
  • TRAFFIC IN/OUT: total incoming and outgoing bitrate on the server.
  • DEFAULT: the flag in this column indicates that the streamer will be selected as default when you add cameras (see the settings below).
  • FAILOVER: the flag in this column indicates that the streamer can be used as backup (see the settings below).
  • UPTIME: period of time since the last Flussonic Watcher restart on this server.

Resolving errors and warnings

If Watcher detects some errors or warnings in the server operation, the red or orange icon is displayed to the left of the hostname. Click the icon to view the error list, then click RESOLVE to fix the problem(s).

Streamers list