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The Events page shows the results of analytics subsystem operation. Events are grouped by three tabs:

Events in Flussonic Watcher


Preview is not available message over the screenshots means that archive for the period is already expired, and only database entry is left for the event.

You will find details about certain tabs in the articles on setting up the corresponding functions. General controls available for all types of events are described below.

You can use filters to search for events:

  • Camera: search by full or partial camera name;
  • Search by event name, vehicle license number or person's name, depending on the tab;
  • From and To: search by time of an event registration being in a certain interval;
  • Organization: search by Organization to which the camera belongs.

The list of events on the page is automatically updated while you set the criteria.

The Auto update checkbox is available on all tabs enabling automatic display of new events on the page. If the box is checked, new events are added to the top left of the list as soon as detected. If the box is cleared, you should refresh the page manually to view new events.

The Motion detector and License plates tabs provide the Download button to download the list of motion or license plate recognition events in .csv format.