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Viewing video from cameras on external websites

Flussonic Watcher allows generating a link for the camera player that you can then open in any browser or use for embedding the video from Watcher to your external web pages such as a corporate website or a user's account. The link can be to a live stream, to the stream's archive or to a specified part in the archive.

This section will tell about:

  • getting the link to the video in Watcher web UI
  • examples of URLs with optional parameters

You can also use Watcher API to get the embed URL. Please refer here for details.

Getting the URL for embedding video to a website

To embed the video from the camera to your website:

  1. On the Cameras page, click the Share icon on the camera card or click More -> Share in the list of cameras.

    Sharing the camera

  2. The window that opens will show the URL for embedding the camera. Click the Copy icon.

    The embed URL

  3. Paste the link to the code of your website or to the address bar of your browser.


If the embed URL does not work, check if you have specified the streamer's public URL correctly as instructed in Adding and configuring streamers

Examples of URLs for embedding video to websites

You can add extra parameters to the embed URL:

  • dvr to hide archive playback controls. The parameter can be true or false.
  • from to specify the time starting from which the archive should be played. Time should be specified in Unix Timestamp.

You will find some examples for Watcher embed URL below. The examples use a camera named CAMERA_NAME. The token parameter is unique for each session; do not change the token in your link generated by Watcher as described above.

Live video without playback controls:


Live video with playback controls:


Archive starting from the specified time without playback controls: