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Embedding cameras on your website

A player with any camera from Watcher can be embedded into your external web pages such as a corporate website or a user's account.

The method of embedding a camera described on this page allows the administrator to receive an URL to view any camera of any user. Authorization is carried out using a token. The administrator can add and remove tokens in the UI.

Regular users cannot yet share their cameras using the mechanism described here. They only have access to the old method of sharing from the Cameras page. We plan to upgrade the token management mechanism taking into account user rights.

Getting embed URL

To get the URL for embedding the player with the camera to your website:

  1. Log into Watcher with admin permissions.
  2. On the Cameras page (for admins), select the camera you want to embed.
  3. Create an authorization token on the Shares tab.
  4. Copy the link:

    • Player Live is for sharing live video only. Open this URL in a browser.
    • Player DVR is for sharing both live and archive. Open this URL in a browser.
    • HTML Live is an HTML code for embedding live video only. Paste the copied tag to the code of your website.
    • HTML DVR is an HTML code for embedding both live and DVR. Paste the copied tag to the code of your website.

    Embed URL


If the embed URL does not work, check if you have specified the streamer's public payload URL correctly as instructed in Adding and configuring streamers

Terminating access to the camera

You can forbid access to the camera with any of the tokens at any time. Simply delete the token by clicking the trash can icon next to it. A camera embedded via an URL with a removed token will no longer be displayed on external websites.

Statistics of token usage

To explore statistics of camera views with specific token, use Retroview statistics service. Paste the token into the User ID field to display statistics on it.