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Creating a client mosaic

A Mosaic is a page with several simultaneously viewed cameras. You can gather up to 16 cameras on a mosaic. The mosaic usually includes cameras from the same organization as described on this page. However, the Dashboard mode allows adding cameras from several organizations to the mosaic if it does not contradict with the user permissions.

Managing mosaics

How to create a mosaic:

  1. Log in to Flussonic Watcher as an Organization's administrator (owner).
  2. Go to Organizations and click the mosaic counter in the row of the Organization:


  3. Click Create mosaic or select an existing mosaic to edit.



    You can also delete mosaics using the trash bin icon.

  4. In the window that opens, enter the mosaic title and select the dimensions of the mosaic (the number of cameras in it).


  5. Click the mosaic tiles to select cameras.


  6. To delete a camera from the mosaic, click the recycle bin icon in the upper right corner of the corresponding tile in the mosaic.


Using mosaics

You can operate the mosaics in the following ways:

  • In the Mosaics section: select a mosaic to view.
  • In the Cameras section: use the Dashboard to view, edit, copy or delete mosaics.
  • In the Organizations section: edit or delete mosaics in the same way as you create them.