Flussonic Watcher documentation


Watcher Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide tell you how to do the most common tasks in Flussonic Watcher.

First, you'll need to install Flussonic Watcher.

You will learn about:

Adding cameras

Adding cameras

After Watcher is installed, you will see no cameras in the Watcher UI, even if they are present on Flussonic Media Server. To add a camera to the system, click Add a camera:

Camera management

In the dialog that opens, choose New camera and enter camera settings:

Camera management

Viewing the camera's DVR archive

You can open the DVR archive of a camera in a number of ways:

  • In Cameras in Tile mode click the camera name.

  • In Cameras in List mode click the More icon and then click View. If the camers has DVR, the player will show it as the green part of the timeline.

  • In Cameras in Tile mode click the Play button on the picture from the camera (in version 19.07.1 and higher).

Viewing the camera list is described in Dashboard


Dashboard is is a primary webpage for users to access cameras. In the Dashboard you can see preview images of the video received from each camera. Technically speaking, it is a table that contains screenshots from cameras in its cells.

To open the dashboard, go to Cameras.

On the screenshot of each camera there are buttons that allows you to manage a camera:

  • Add the camera to favorites (will appear in Favorites)
  • Edit camera settings
  • View statistics of server resouce usage by the camera
  • Delete the camera
  • Go to the camera's DVR archive

You can select different modes for viewing the camera list in Cameras. To change the view mode, click one of the icons in the upper part of Watcher page.

  • Small tiles
  • Large tiles
  • The list
  • The Video Surveillance mode. In this mode you can drag cameras to mosaics and immediately see them there. This mode is a convenient alternative to managing mosaics in the Mosaics section.

Learn more about mosaics in Mosaics.

In List mode the following access filters are available:

  • Any.
  • Public.
  • Authorized.
  • Private.