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Motion Detection Events processing

Motion Detection Events processing Anchor Anchor x2

Flussonic Watcher can receive events by email, for this purpose it has a special smtp-server.

This feature allows capturing email with motion events from cameras and mark record in archive.

Setup has two steps:

1) Enable receiving emails in Watcher.

2) Сonfiguring a camera to send emails.

How motion recording works:

Flussonic Watcher maintains a permanent recording with the specified recording depth. When an e-mail arrives with traffic, Flussonic Watcher marks the time interval in the database to reflect the tags in the archive player.

The most important! The record is protected from deletion.

You just need to set the depth of the archive: for example, 6 hours. Then enable the reception of events.

You will receive 6 hours of continuous archive + sensor entries will be stored as long as there is free space on the disk.

Recording new events will delete the old ones.

Calculating the necessary disk space based on the bit rate of the cameras and the frequency of movements, you can save up to 50-90% of the disk space compared to the normal recording without events.

Enabling event capture in Flussonic Watcher Anchor Anchor x2

Enable camera_alarm plugin in /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf file:

plugin camera_alarm {
  catch motion;
  listen smtp://;

The catch parameter specifies the word that Flussonic Watcher will search for in the subject of the message. Most cameras send letters by default with about this subject: "Camera 123 Motion Detected at 14:21 27-10-2017".

If your camera sends a letter with a completely different theme or has it's possible to specify its own, then configure catch at your discretion.

The listen parameter specifies the interface and port for the built-in smtp server. You can set login and password for smtp: listen smtp://username:password@;.

Then restart Flussonic Media Server.

The link to the event list will appear on the page of cameras control.

Configure a camera

Configure a camera Anchor Anchor x2

The next step requires that you set email notifications for Flussonic Media Server in the camera interface.

Important! Set a full camera name as a sender and recipient.

Example: cam1-abcdefg@example.com where cam1 is a cam's name in Flussonic Watcher and ‘abcdefg’ is an ID in Watcher. The full name can be found in the Watcher UI.

Configure a camera

Configure a camera

The Movement marks will appear in the camera archive interface.

Configure a camera