Flussonic Watcher documentation

License Plate Detection Events

Flussonic can detect license plates and recognize Russian car numbers on the video recorded by an IP camera. This functionality is known as ANPR (automatic number plate recognition).

ANPR supported only in the new UI for Watcher, starting from version 18.11. To configure the feature, use the web interface and the configuration file, but some options can be set only through the file.

Then, you can view registered events in the Watcher UI and watch the recorded video of each event.


First, prepare hardware and software for the Flussonic server (streamer) that will carry out number recognition. Learn more in Flussonic documentation.

Setting up ANPR in the UI Anchor Anchor x2

Turning on plate detection for a camera

Important. The camera for which you want to recognize car numbers must be connected to a streamer with at least one GPU NVIDIA with at least 3 Gb video memory. Learn more in Flussonic documentation

Before you configure cameras, enable the recognition system. Add the line plugin vision; to the configuration file /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf.

To turn on plate detection and number recognition for a camera:

  1. In the Watcher UI, go to Cameras. Find the camera in the list and open its settings by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the player.

  2. Select the ANPR check box and click Save.


    Now Flussonic will recognize car numbers that appear in the frame of this camera, and mark the time when the car entered and left the scene. Flussonic modifies the stream settings in the configuration file /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf.

  3. You may need to edit manually the GPU number. Details

Viewing ANPR events in Watcher Anchor Anchor x2

Flussonic creates events of two types:

  • enter – a car number appeared in the field of view of a camera
  • leave – a car number left the field of view.

To see detected car numbers for a camera:

  1. In the Watcher UI, go to Notifications. The list of all events opens.
  2. To find certain events, use filtering and search capabilities on the right:

    • In Source, select Plate detector.


    • In From and To, select the date and time of beginning and end of the period when events were detected.


    • In Search, type the car number.

    • To delete the specified search criteria, click Clear Filter.

  3. The list of events is filtered as you enter search parameters.

  4. To view the recording of an event, click in the line with this event. The player will appear on the bottom right to play the recording. To enlarge the player, just double-click it.