Flussonic Watcher documentation

Mobile Applications

IMPORTANT! Mobile applications need to have the address of your Watcher system to work properly. Get your Operator ID that stores the URL of your Watcher system beforehand.

By default, the application tries to reach an Erlyvideo server, so a mobile app can’t authenticate without a personal Operator ID.

To get your Operator ID, log in to your account, click on the installation key on the main portal screen and specify the public Watcher URL in the following format: http://APIKEY@watcher-host. The host address should be discoverable from the Internet. It’s recommended to use a domain name, not just IP-address.

To start using the application, download it from the Apple Store or Google Play, and then authenticate using your Watcher login, password and the Operator ID that you received from manage.erlyvideo.org.

  • APIKEY — an authentication key that you can obtain in the Watcher settings UI.
  • Watcher-Hostname — a publicly visible path to Watcher.
  • IMPORTANT! Make sure that your server is visible from the Internet and that it has a white IP-address. If your server is using NAT or a Firewall, configure the 1935 port forwarding to the server (RTMP protocol), so the application can work.

    Mobile Applications