24.06 Central

In the new Flussonic Central 24.06 version, we offer enhanced monitoring capabilities with Prometheus and a new Originator feature for episodes that gives users more control and analysis of system performance. Upgrade to version 24.06 and try our new features, improvements and fixes for yourself!

Monitoring with Prometheus

Get more detailed information on system performance by adding more metrics to monitor Central using Prometheus.


With the addition of originator function for episodes, identify the source for each episode, analyze data, track the origin of content, and control access and system security.

Dynamic config changes

  • Make configuration changes to log_requests via API for greater flexibility and convenience.

  • Use log_level via API to dynamically change logging level without having to restart Flussonic Central.

  • Change Tracer configuration through API

Bugs fixed:

RTSP ingest We fixed a short-term stream disconnection when ingesting an RTSP camera source with Agent.

Database cleanup A Central database cleanup process was improved, so that there is no crashing when a large number of records are being deleted from the database at the same time.

Field validation for ‘ChangeReason’ We fixed an error in validation of the ‘ChangeReason’ field that led to a stream being unavailable.

Adding a streamer You can now add a streamer in the Watcher cluster even if its host is unavailable.

Key update In version 24.06, there is a correct key update when PUT /agents/{id} is requested without indicating any error.

Excessive CPU load We fixed an issue causing excessive CPU load growth to ensure optimal performance.