1. Remote control of PTZ cameras from the Watcher mobile app.

  2. Playing HEVC on Android devices.

  3. Now you can set the bitrate of cameras in the billing rate settings.
    So that the subscriber does not go beyond the technical limits of the tariff and does not manually set a higher bitrate on the camera.

What’s new in Flussonic ver. 20.11

  1. Flussonic calculates averaged statistics for streams in real time: the GOP size, the actual FPS, the number of B-frames and so on. These values can be used to monitor actual stream characteristics. Knowing these figures, you can estimate if the player would be able to play such a stream.

  2. MPTS output settings can now be specified in the UI.

  3. Flussonic works with markers in the SCTE-35, SCTE-104, and AWS formats and recognizes the metadata about the splice_insert events.

  4. Flussonic allows reading EBU teletext and subtitles (EBU Teletext subtitle data) from VBI (vertical blanking interval) in source streams received from an SDI card. Flussonic then retransmits them to output MPTS or SPTS.

Примечание к версии 20.11