1. The ‘Read only’ mode makes it possible to block changes to the settings independently in the user profile.

  2. Face recognition can now be enabled in the camera settings in the user interface.

  3. This new Watcher supports individual localizations of the user interface. Now it is possible for the Watcher Admin to load alternative languages.

What’s new in Flussonic ver. 20.08

  1. Subtitle support was improved on devices with Microsoft Smooth Streaming.

  2. The subtitle accuracy in web players was improved.

  3. This new version has the ability to create an audio chat in the form of a WebRTC mosaic to organize group calls, like in Skype or Zoom.

  4. Main support for SRT, an open protocol for low latency and lossless transmission. Now Flussonic Media Server can receive high-quality video signals over troublesome networks in a more stable way. This will help you stream events even on shaky connections without sacrificing image quality.

  5. [Setting up MPTS and managing the particular bitrate has become even more convenient and intuitive. The less service downtime caused by maintenance work, the more satisfied your customers will be.]