1. Configuration UI for license plate detection areas.

  2. New in the mobile app: usable events preview with information about recognized faces and licence plates.

  3. Flussonic Agent is now available for Ingenic T31 processor.

What’s new in Flussonic ver. 21.04

  1. New DVR export events provide information about the result of the export immediately.

  2. New transcoder’s option “avol” allows reduce or increase the volume of the stream to the level you want.

  3. Converting of CEA-608 subtitles to text tracks for playback in WebVTT or HTML formats.

  4. While preparing the stream for the transmission to the satellite, Flussonic encodes it in MPEG-TS converting the SCTE-104 markers to SCTE-35 simultaneously. It makes easier for broadcasters to manage the regional ad insertion.

  5. The MSS packager in DVR is optimized for the large demand of viewers: it reduces the CPU demands by up to 25%.

note 21.04